“Dawn in Philadelphia” is a chronicle of the 2012 Phillies, from the beginning of the offseason until the end of the road.

Why the 2012 Phillies?

The Philadelphia baseball club is at a crossroads. The 2011 season – one filled with lofty goals and highest hopes – ended lame, and so lame that it cost the Phillies their prized slugger. So what now? What does a team with uncertain prospects, a mammoth hole in the batting order and enormous goals do next? And how does a city reliant on the fate of its favorite team respond?

This site will attempt to capture the spirit of a season on the brink. Posts will be sparingly in that they will read like chapters, not daily musings. The fans will be a major character, as will the city of Philadelphia itself. For it’s a new day for a team unsure of its place going forward. Now, the Phillies might even be the underdog again. And maybe that’s the best thing of all. Dawn has arrived.